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Living with Nature

HAKUBA has dons of funs with nature! 3000m Northern Japan Alps, long trails in forests, hiking throughout the four seasons, running, skiing, MTB and so on.

Here is the town that anyone can enjoy nature and have fun to look around.

Let’s feel nature!  How about relaxing in Il Bosco after big days?

! Get “Green Bonus” ! – 10 % discount on room rates for the guests arriving by train, bike (bicycle) or EV-car
How to spend with IL BOSCO

・There are many trails around Il Bosco, reads to from 3000m alps ridge to Satoyama(woodland near the village)

We love this nature so much! How about a leisurely trip full of trails?

It will surely be a happy trip for you!

Please don’t hesitate to ask for anything about conditions of trails, jogging routes in the morning, route introduction by Strava etc


We would like to be a base camp of your mountain days.

Solid wood flooring, diatomite wall, all natural materials for all rooms.
The lounge with a wood -burning stove, the wooden deck in a grove, and a cypress bath…
These will refresh your body playing in the wilderness.
For meals, we will prepare dishes made from local ingredients.

We manage with eco-friendly to protect nature we love…

“YES”, IL BOSCO is welcoming you with OUR Nature!

Sustainable efforts of IL BOSCO style

“Respect, Affection, Enjoy, Love”
Aiming to protect and to enjoy our Hakuba with our guests,
we are focusing on the following initiatives.

1、Proposal to play with nature on foot or by bicycle for reducing Ecological footprints.
2、Getting a feel for how comfortable nature is.
3、Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
4、Providing locally produced and ethical food and products.

IL BOSCO’s style with natural energy


We highly recommend longer than 3 days to stay to consider the consumption of daily amenities etc.
Please take your time for relaxing and feel nature of Hakuba at Il Bosco.

Special offer!
・’Green Bonus’ of 10% is available for passengers traveling by train, bicycle, or EV-car! The following coupon codes are available. Voucher code: hellohakuba
・20% off youth prices (under 35 years old). Enter coupon code: hellomountain on the next screen.

Summer B&B(per night with continental breakfast )...¥6600〜
Winter B&B(per night with continental breakfast)...¥7810〜
2 nights(sorry, it will be added.)...+10%
Breakfast Hot cooked (the egg dishe)...¥660y
Daily Course (Appetizer + Pasta + Bread or Soup + Main dish + Bread)...¥1980

※Dinner is not served on Wednesdays, Sundays, and the last day of consecutive holidays.

Tax included

※X’mas and new year are same as high season rates (on Jan and Feb).
Please check the rates page for details.

Look At What's Good

Hi! We are Koki and Naomi.
We had moved into here because we were fascinated by the nature of Hakuba village.
Now our life is the healthiest and most enjoyable time of our lives,
backcountry ski, trail running, trekking and parenting.
We must leave this beautiful nature to the next generation!
This is our heartfelt wish.